Why I’m a Work at Home Mom

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why I'm a work at home mom - Why I'm a Work at Home Mom and Why I'm a Stay at Home Mom

A few weeks ago, my mom friend Nancy asked me why I’m a work at home mom (which in this case, means a mom who works from home, and is also the primary caregiver for get child). She was asking because she is a working mom who is struggling with trying to decide if she wants to (a) continue being a full-time … Read More

Mom Guilt

by Dr. Punita Rice Life

Mother and Daughter - Do you ever feel Mom Guilt?

If you’re a Mama, have you ever experienced “Mom Guilt?” Dr. Marie Hartwell-Walker, for PsychCentral, says guilt is a “thinking emotion,” and that if you’re experiencing guilt over something you’re actually doing wrong, the feeling serves to alert you to it, and motivate you to become more intentional about your choices, thereby improving your parenting. That’s a useful kind of guilt. That’s … Read More