20 Pregnancy Essentials (Updated!)

by Dr. Punita Rice Life

Pregnancy Essentials 2018

ICYMI, we’re expecting our second baby this summer! I’m in my second trimester (about 4.5 months pregnant) now, and there are definitely some pregnancy essentials must-haves that I’ve needed the past few months that I’d like to share here in case it benefits anyone else. In this post, I’m also including links to some of the aforementioned essentials (they’re affiliate … Read More

The Proust Questionnaire from Le Labo

by Dr. Punita Rice Life

Proust Questionnaire from Le Labo DC

Do you have a “signature fragrance” (and is that still something we’re doing?). A woman I know recently went to Le Labo in DC (the fancy fragrance company that makes the beautiful perfume bottles and candles you see all over Instagram/Pinterest/etc), and got a semi-custom fragrance made. I say “semi” because it’s a fragrance they already make, but it’s still … Read More

Brass Earrings

by Dr. Punita Rice Life

Beautiful Brass Earrings

Do you love brass earrings? I’ve been obsessed with big brass earrings lately. For years I wore a lot of silver or white gold. (Side note, the silver hoop earrings I wore in high school were ridiiiiiiculously big). But I’ve been obsessed with gold-toned jewelry lately. I’m especially loving matte or brushed brass earrings. And shiny gold earrings. And bright … Read More

Aviator Glasses and Friday Links

by Dr. Punita Rice Life

Photo of Elaine Welteroth in her aviator glasses, edited from original photo by Marcy Swingle aka @gastrochic, for New York Times Fashion, at Michael Kors, New York Fashion Week early this year

Happy Friday! I wanted to share a few things from around the internet I liked this week, if you’d like some things to peruse. I also wanted to chat about aviator glasses. So here’s a short pre-weekend post on prescription aviator glasses and Friday links, if you’re interested…

The Best Sunglasses

by Dr. Punita Rice Life

What’s your favorite shape for sunglasses? Here are some pairs I’m loving this summer… Best Sunglasses Summer 2017 If you like classic aviators, I love these gold reflective Ray-Bans and these classic thin frame black ones. I also love these slightly chunkier black Gucci aviators. If you like a slightly crazier look, I’m partial to the Prada Minimal Baroque sunglasses. IRL I wear … Read More

Holiday Gift for Her: Candles (and Movies!)

by Dr. Punita Rice Life

The perfect holiday gift for her: Candles. Who is “her” you ask? Your mom. Your significant other’s mom. Your sister. Your significant other’s sister. Your co-worker who’s having that dinner party you’re going to in a week and you don’t know what to take with you. Your friend who’s impossible to shop for. Your kid’s babysitter/nanny/teacher. Your colleague who you’re … Read More

Sweaters for Fall

by Dr. Punita Rice Life

This is a bit off topic, but I’ve been waiting for what feels like forever for sweater weather. (As much as I complain when it’s freezing outside, I really can’t stand summer heat. Good thing the Earth isn’t getting hotter… Oh wait.) Luckily, sweater weather is finally here! This summer, I went cray and bought a bunch of sweaters in anticipation for … Read More

A Trick for Ugly Candles (Plus Help Me Find a Dupe for Feu de Bois!)

by Dr. Punita Rice Life

A trick for ugly candles

This probably won’t blow anyone’s mind, but I wanted to share a trick for ugly candles. (Yes, this is a thing. If I have to look at it every day, I’d like it to be pretty). You know how the best-smelling candles aren’t always in the prettiest containers (and sometimes the prettiest containers don’t have the best-smelling candles)? After like three … Read More