Track Shelving in the Living Room

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Track shelving in the living room - the first setup

A couple months ago, we installed track shelving in the living room in our home. Here, I’m sharing the inspiration, how I planned the project, and a brief how-to in case you’d like to do the same, if you’d like to see…

My Friend, Anuja

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My friend Anuja Oak - from Punita and David's Wedding Photos by Mackler Studios

In a few short weeks, my friend Anuja is getting married. Maybe this is more characteristic of preparing for a South Asian wedding, since they’re multi-day events, and involve performances, but my thoughts lately are pretty much consumed with (mostly secret) things related to her upcoming nuptials. (If we’re friends on Instagram, you already know her wedding is coming up, … Read More

Being a New Parent is Insane: The Story of the Wrong Sofa

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Being a new parent is insane. But we love our Sven, so it's all good.

Being a new parent is insane. This is magnified x20 when you’re also simultaneously studying for comps and finishing your doctorate. Being a new parent is insane because it blinds you to things that should be really obvious, like having furniture in your house that you definitely didn’t buy. This is the story of how I bought a sofa. Then got … Read More

Travel Ban

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I got an opportunity to share my thoughts on the travel ban in an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun. It was published over the weekend in their online edition, and went out this morning in the print edition. I wrote about my toddler’s love of firetrucks, what it means to be a good neighbor, and what I see as fading … Read More

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas from The Rices - Punlearning Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I start getting excited about the holidays around November (here’s my pinterest board where I’ve been obsessively saving ideas, if you’re into this kind of thing). This year, I’m especially excited because we’re enjoying our first holiday season as a family of three. And what an intense year it’s been, with getting back into … Read More

Baby’s First Diwali!

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Baby's First Diwali - Our Family on Diwali 2016

Do you celebrate Diwali? We just celebrated our first Diwali as a family of three which means it was also baby’s first Diwali! I was pretty excited about it. We celebrated by putting up a ton of lights, and I made gajar ka halwa. We also got together with my family, and ate lots of delicious Indian food, and sweets. Of … Read More

Language acquisition models

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My younger brother and I had different language acquisition models

Did you know kids who are born in the United States (Native-born) and kids who immigrate here have different language acquisition models? In schools, we lump kids who speak English as an Additional Language together, but there’s actually a lot of diversity among them. Culturally and linguistically diverse students are, in fact, pretty diverse. Even in my own family, there’s … Read More

Becoming Parents and New Beginnings

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New Beginnings - Our New Nursery

We’re a few weeks away from becoming parents! Here are some thoughts and musings as we prepare for this new chapter in life…

Our Wedding Video

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Our Wedding video (Mackler Studios)

My husband and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary — which is also our sixth regular-anniversary!. I wanted to share our wedding video (it’s listed as Punita and David Wedding on youtube). Here it is, if you’d like to see… And here are a few photos from our wedding… Our wedding Photography & Videography was by the amazing Mackler … Read More