The Spokesperson Phenomenon – EdWeek

by Punita Rice Teaching

Education Week Teacher Punita Rice Spokesperson

Last week, Education Week Teacher published an essay I wrote about the spokesperson phenomenon — that thing that happens in a classroom, where a student (almost always, a student of color, though other minority and/or marginalized identities also experience this) is expected or positioned to serve as a representative for their entire culture, race, or other category of people. (I’ve … Read More

Why Pronouncing Students’ Names Correctly is Important

by Punita Rice Teaching

Teachers - Pronounce Names Correctly in the Classroom

There are a million names from as many backgrounds, so it can feel overwhelming to expect teachers to get every single name right. But pronouncing students’ names correctly does matter. Here, I’m sharing YouTube video I recorded on why pronouncing names correctly is important, and I’m also sharing my list of practice ideals for how teachers can get names right. Read on for … Read More

When Tolerance is not Enough

by Punita Rice Culture

Tolerance is not enough

I read this great article (thanks Tim for the share), written as “an open letter to straight people” in the wake of the recent and horrific massacre at Pulse in Orlando. The article serves as a reminder that like ongoing struggles surrounding race, the LGBTQ+ battle is not over, that we as a society have not arrived at some “fairy-tale ending,” and that … Read More

Is Jane Elliott’s Lesson Relevant Today?

by Punita Rice Teaching

Is Jane Elliott's lesson still relevant today?

Do you remember Jane Elliott’s famous “A Class Divided” lesson? It’s the one where the blue-eyed children and the brown-eyed children were set up against one another. Times have changed, but maybe we still need this lesson. Is Jane Elliott’s lesson relevant today? (Here’s the original post about it.)

An American Tragedy, 3 Years Later

by Punita Rice Culture

A Sikh Tragedy, an American Tragedy

Before reading this post, please make sure you are familiar with the Shooting at the Gurdwara (Sikh temple) in Wisconson. Three years ago, on August 5, 2012, in Oak Creek Wisconsin, a man opened fire at a Gurdwara (Sikh house of worship), murdering six people, and injuring four more. For those slain or injured in this hate filled day, their loved ones, … Read More