Why Changing My Name After Marriage Was Difficult

by Cherie Descorbeth Life

Cherie on Why She Had a Hard Time Changing Her Name After Marriage

If you’re a married lady, did you change your last name? And if so, how did you feel about changing your last name after marriage? Particularly in a time when so many people don’t go the old-school route of woman-takes-husband’s-name after marriage, the decision to change your name after marriage can be a complicated one. My dear friend Cherie (who previously talked … Read More

On Hyphenating Names

by Anuja Oak-Mathur Life

Anuja Oak-Mathur on Hyphenating Names

Anuja got married! After getting married, Anuja decided to hyphenate her last name (Oak) with her husband’s last name, Mathur). If you’re interested in this kind of thing, read on to hear it straight from Anuja Oak-Mathur: Why I’m Hyphenating my Last Name…

Hiring a Makeup Artist for your Wedding

by Dr. Punita Rice Life

Why Hire a Makeup Artist for your Wedding

Brides, women who might one day be brides, and former brides — did you/would you hire a makeup artist for your wedding?  For most of the South Asian American women I know, particularly for those who have big, multi-day events weddings, the answer tends to be yes. But why hire a makeup artist for your wedding? Here are some reasons why … Read More

Our Wedding Video

by Dr. Punita Rice Life

Our Wedding video (Mackler Studios)

My husband and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary — which is also our sixth regular-anniversary!. I wanted to share our wedding video (it’s listed as Punita and David Wedding on youtube). Here it is, if you’d like to see… And here are a few photos from our wedding… Our wedding Photography & Videography was by the amazing Mackler … Read More