5 Ways Living in New Zealand has Changed Me (Guest Post)

by Maiera Mazelev Culture

How Living in New Zealand Changes You

[Ed note] Maiera Mazelev is not only one of my oldest (and best!) friends, but she’s also easily the most courageous person I know: A few years ago, she packed up all her belongings, and moved from Maryland, to the other side of the world (not literally, but almost!) to Australia, and now Auckland, New Zealand, where she happily resides … Read More

When you Know More than your Boss (Guest Post)

by "N" Career


Have you ever worked for a boss who knew less than you about your area of work? Or, how do you deal with a boss who knows nothing about the area in which you work?? (If you have any actual advice for dealing with a bad boss, please leave a comment!). My cousin N.* found herself in this exact position. (*She’ll be saying … Read More

Keeping Brains Active this Winter Gives Students Boost (Guest Post)

by Larry Mager Teaching

Keeping Brains Active this Winter

Ed. note: This is a guest post by Larry Mager of ReadyBrain.net, for educators, teachers, and families.  Keeping Brains Active this Winter Gives Students Boost With winter and the holidays closing in, it’s easy for students to check out mentally. It can be especially hard for them to shake off the sloth of holiday breaks when it’s cold and dreary outside. This makes … Read More