When you Know More than your Boss

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Have you ever worked for a boss who knew less than you about your area of work? Or, how do you deal with a boss who knows nothing about the area in which you work?? (If you have any actual advice for dealing with a bad boss, please leave a comment!). My cousin N.* found herself in this exact position. (*She’ll be saying … Read More

Tips for Attending Your First Academic Conference

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Tips for attending your first Academic Conference

Are you attending your first academic conference? If you’ve already applied and been accepted to present at your first academic conference, you’re probably really excited! And maybe slightly terrified! If you’ve already prepared but aren’t sure what to expect or do when you actually get there or are heading there, I hope this post is helpful. Below, some tips and … Read More

Tips for Applying to Your First Academic Conference

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Tips for applying for your first academic conference

Applying for, preparing for, and even attending an academic conference can be tricky. There can be a cloud of mystery surrounding how it all works. This is my attempt to demystify the process a bit; these are tips for applying to your first academic conference.

Why Research on South Asian American Students Matters

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I wrote an article for The Aerogram on why research on South Asian American students matters. Here’s an excerpt: There is a lack of distinction made between different kinds of Asians in existing literature, and a particular dearth of existing literature on South Asian American students. This means teachers can’t really understand these students’ cultures, and thus can’t provide culturally responsive instruction to … Read More

The Journey to Ed.D

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Posts about Pursuing a Doctor of Education degree

Here, I’m sharing links to posts for anyone pursuing their Doctorate in Education, and/or an online doctorate in education. If you’re contemplating an EdD, hopefully this post will be helpful to you. You can also search or explore this blog and find posts related to working on a Doctorate in Education. I’ll share a similar post in the future as I … Read More

An Overview of Pregnancy and the Online Doctorate

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In this country, if you’re in academia, you might meet folks who talk about and treat being pregnant as a debilitating condition. Even though times have changed, and who gets to say #ilooklikeaprofessor has changed, academia is still dominated by men, and/or women who ascribe to some outdated and unfortunate attitudes about sexism, pregnancy, motherhood, and what a woman can do when … Read More

Should I Get Pregnant While Doing My Doctorate? – How to Decide

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Should I Get Pregnant During My Doctorate - How To Decide If You Should Get Pregnant During Your Doctorate

Are you trying to answer the question “Should I Get Pregnant While Doing My Doctorate?” I can’t speak for everyone’s experience, obviously, but I can share my thoughts based on my own experience of being pregnant while pursuing my doctorate. These are some situations that might make being pregnant while pursuing your doctorate a bad combination. If you’re interested, read on…

Three Ways Pregnancy and the Online Doctorate Are a Perfect Match

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Pregnancy and the Online Doctorate - Punita Learning - We have a little Rice on the way! Punita Rice

Pregnancy and the online doctorate program format can be a pretty good match! I’m pregnant now. (Just entered the second trimester)! Here are three ways that pregnancy and my online doctorate program have worked well together so far, and have been a nearly perfect match…

Konmari Your Writing!

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KonMari your Writing: How to Decrease Word Count and Improve Writing Quality. An advanced guide to reducing word count.