Night Weaning My Toddler: How I Night Weaned in 3 Days

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Night Weaning My Toddler - Nursies When the Sun Shines

Hi all. This is a post about night weaning my toddler. I’m sharing this personal story in the hopes that it might help another exhausted or otherwise ready-to-night-wean-mama, because when I was preparing to night wean my son, I found it really helpful to read other mamas’ stories and tips. If you’re a mama contemplating night weaning your toddler, I … Read More

5 Things for Your Weekend

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5 Things for Your Weekend

Happy Friday! Here’s a quick link roundup of 5 things for your weekend, including links related to Konmari Regret, the new Enderverse book from Orson Scott Card, the Shit Academics Say twitter account, an intense story on Toni Morrison, and the best music of 2017…

Track Shelving in the Living Room

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Track shelving in the living room - the first setup

A couple months ago, we installed track shelving in the living room in our home. Here, I’m sharing the inspiration, how I planned the project, and a brief how-to in case you’d like to do the same, if you’d like to see…