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Printables for Moms

I’ll write a post in future to better explain how I use these, but basically, I started printing off my own lesson planning sheets when I was teaching. When I started being a stay at home mom, I modified them a little, but continued using the to organize my life and work.

The planner sheets above are still also great for teaching and planning lessons for the week. I prefer this format as the perfect lesson plan book format.

Which leads me to…

Teaching Related Items

I’ve written content for teachers / about teaching / about education here on my blog, and of course, I’ve written articles about education elsewhere. (And by the way, you can see some lesson plans I’ve posted here). Here are some links to items for teachers.

Printables for Teachers (mostly Planners for Lesson Planning)

Read the directions. Tote Bag
Also available as the perfect teacher tote bag.

I’ll add to this list soon, including some of my favorite actual teaching resources.