Repetition, and Soundboards

by Dr. Punita Rice Teaching

Repetition, and Soundboards

Repetition in the classroom — or anywhere — is so powerful, right? I created a a “soundboard” activity based on the power of repetition. You can see how to use the activity (and the full rationale behind it) over at Punlearning. Click here for the whole thing.

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Dr. Punita Rice is a wife and mama, an education researcher, a writer, the founder and director of ISAASE, and an advisor with Johns Hopkins University School of Education's Doctor of Education program. Her work centers around multicultural education and equity, and South Asian American experiences in school. You can read more about Punita and her work here. Punita also writes about life, culture, education, and motherhood here on her blog. She works from home in Maryland, and drinks a great deal of coffee.