Thanks for the Memories, JHU

by Dr. Punita Rice Academia

Thanks Hopkins! Dr. Punita Rice JHU

I can’t believe my doctoral program at Johns Hopkins University has come to an end. It’s the end of an era. This past couple of weeks after graduating from have been surreal. (Especially as it’s begun to sink in that from now on, there will be no more homework in my life. Well no more of my own homework anyway.) Thanks for the memories, Hopkins.

It was also exciting to have Hopkins write about my work with ISAASE during #AAPIheritagemonth over on their Instagram (at @jhueducation) and on their Facebook page.

Punita Chhabra Rice is a recent graduate of the Doctor of Education program at the Johns Hopkins School of Education. Her research focuses on the perceptions that South Asian American students have of their K-12 experiences, especially in the context of teacher cultural competence. Her findings suggest that low teacher cultural proficiency and a belief in the model minority myth contribute to less support of South Asian American students. These findings inspired her to establish an organization dedicated to improving the experiences of South Asian American students’ experiences through research, community outreach and the promotion of cultural proficiency among educators. Rice is writing a book based on her dissertation work. You can learn more about it at and #AsianPacific #diversity #JHUSOE

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P.S. – You can learn more about ISAASE here.

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Dr. Punita Rice is a wife and mama, an education researcher, a writer, the founder and director of ISAASE, and an advisor with Johns Hopkins University School of Education's Doctor of Education program. Her work centers around multicultural education and equity, and South Asian American experiences in school. You can read more about Punita and her work here. Punita also writes about life, culture, education, and motherhood here on her blog. She works from home in Maryland, and drinks a great deal of coffee.