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The Blog @ PunitaRice.com (the Punita Rice blog if you prefer) is a personal blog about education, outreach work, culture, and life. The blog is written primarily by Punita Rice, but features guest posts. The Blog @ PunitaRice.com (formerly known as Punlearning), was first established in 2014 in its original form, disappeared for a bit in 2016 (while Punita was wrapping up her doctorate), and was brought back to life in early 2017. Today, the blog is typically updated on a monthly basis. When the blog is updated, new posts are usually scheduled for Monday mornings (often the first Monday of the month, and occasionally on other, random Mondays).


If you are interested in learning about the blog‘s readership here is some information: The primary readership is women between 20-39. Readers tend to be smart women or men who enjoy exploring online and expanding their horizons. Many readers find this site through searching for content about family or motherhood; others find this blog throufh work in the education sphere. Punita’s writing and work, as well as content from The Blog @ PunitaRice.com, have been covered and published in various outlets (here are some posts about recent coverage) including The Baltimore Sun (print & online editions), the Johns Hopkins University School of Education acconts, The Aerogram, social media accounts (such as @NormalizeBreastfeeding), and many more. You can see a (limited) listing of places where the blog and some of Punita’s writing has been featured here. To connect with Punita, to inquire about collaborating or contributing to the site, or to connect about speaking services, please click here.

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In short, the website may make a small commission if you end up buying something you found here, which helps support the site (so, thank you if you click through and buy anything!). Here’s a great post from Microblogger that more thoroughly explains what this disclosure means. To contact me for further information, click here.