Printable Weekly Planner


Printable Weekly Planner – Double and Single Page versions included! Perfect to use in a binder as a planner OR to stick on your fridge, wall, board, etc. to make your schedule and plans visible at-a-glance. The double page format is perfect for lesson planning or work appointments if you use it at your desk. Make as many copies as you want.

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Printable Weekly Planner – Double and Single Page versions included

If you’re looking for a simple weekly planner, this is probably exactly what you need. I used to use this exact template (albeit with less attractive fonts) when I was a classroom teacher, and felt this format was perfect for lesson planning. While today, I use Google Calendars to manage my work schedule and personal schedule (including my family’s schedules), I still prefer the simplicity of a physical calendar. Here are some ideas for how to use this printable:

  • To make a binder planner using the double-page planner pages, print Page 1 and Page 2 double-sided on a single page. Then, you can copy it (double sided). After you’ve made as many copies as you’d like, hole-punch them (hole punch the Monday-start side on the right), and you can set them side by side (with Monday-start on the left side, and Thursday-start on the right side) in a 3-Ring binder. (This is my favorite way to use these planner sheets; I find this method especially ideal as an on-desk lesson planning binder.)
  • To make a binder using the single-page weekly planner, simply print (or photocopy) as many copies of the single-page planner sheet as you’d like. You can hole punch and use in a binder (double-sided printing may still be your preferred approach), or use in a clipboard. (I love this approach for our family’s schedule — perfect for our fridge with washi tape holding it up).
  • To use as an at-a-glance wall calendar, simply print out your planner pages (double page or single page work) and put it up. Looks great on a bulletin board, or on a fridge, put up with magnets, or cute washi-tape.
  • This printable weekly planner is meant to be printed – make as many copies as you want for home or work.
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