Pregnant Teacher Problems

by Dr. Punita Rice Teaching

Baby hugging bladder - Pregnancy and the Online Doctorate |

Are you, or have you been a pregnant teacher? Problems abound. Being pregnant and a teacher at the same time is hard! So here three pregnant teacher problems I’ve encountered recently…


(1) Normal pregnancy problems become bigger problems in the classroom

Pregnancy doesn’t always feel good! The normal physical discomforts of pregnancy are a problem when you’re teaching.

One time, aching from my ribs to my back, I stood up to run my students through our objective and plans for the day, and the room started fading to black… I sat down before I could end up unintentionally prostrate on the ground, but it was kind of a scare!

(2) Baby squishing your bladder is worse when you have to hold your pee

Having to use the restroom all. of. the. time. This is the ultimate teacher problem even if you’re not pregnant! (Even non-teachers, probably already know it can be hard to find someone to cover your class so you can go pee). The need to pee got significantly worse during this semester. That little person growing inside me (who isn’t as small anymore) seemed to want to show his affection by hugging my bladder… HA.

On the other hand, as annoying as it was to have to pee in the middle of class on a regular basis, it was really awesome to feel the love and support of my colleagues, who went out of their way to check on me during classes to make sure I got a bathroom break. Teachers really are the best people sometimes.

(3) Pregnancy brain is real!

Being a teacher is insane. Since I was also working on my doctorate while pregnant, it was doubly insane. You know what made it worse? Finding out that”pregnancy brain” is a real thing.

If you’ve been pregnant and a teacher, what were some of the Pregnant Teacher Problems you dealt with?

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