My Friend, Anuja

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My friend Anuja Oak - from Punita and David's Wedding Photos by Mackler Studios

In a few short weeks, my friend Anuja is getting married. Maybe this is more characteristic of preparing for a South Asian wedding, since they’re multi-day events, and involve performances, but my thoughts lately are pretty much consumed with (mostly secret) things related to her upcoming nuptials. (If we’re friends on Instagram, you already know her wedding is coming up, because it’s all I talk about.)

My friend, Anuja giving a speech at my wedding

Here’s a photo of my friend Anuja, making a speech at my own wedding. Isn’t she lovely?

Also, Anuja wrote a bit about about what she’s doing with her name after she gets married. I’ll share what she wrote after her wedding!

Photos by Julian Mackler.

P.S. – Anuja and Maiera were my two maids of honor at my own wedding — in case you missed it forever ago, here’s the video from my wedding. Also, here’s a link to Anuja’s Instagram, and here’s a post that has a link to Maiera’s Instagram. (Also, if you have any words of advice for giving an amazing wedding speech, please share them!)

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