Music for Concentrating

Punita RiceAcademia

What do you listen to when you’re concentrating? When I was studying for comps (comprehensive exams), or when I was working on papers, I liked listening to Hindi songs, or music by Anoushka Shankar (the song “Naked” is an all-time favorite).

These days, when working, it’s usually because baby is asleep, so I’m usually working in silence, or with our white noise machine on. Occasionally, if I’ve remembered to have headphones nearby, I’m listening to music by Karsh Kale.

Some other good options:

Groove Salad on SomaFM – Smooth and eclectic sounds that are great for focusing

Suburbs of Goa on SomaFM – Same as above, but with some fusiony Indian music

What do you listen to when you’re concentrating?

P.S. Since we’re chatting about work, here is some stuff for teachers

(Top photo of Anoushka Shankar from here.)