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5 Instagram Accounts to Follow This Weekend - from Punlearning

Happy Friday! Here’s are 5 Instagram accounts you should check out this weekend…


Want to see pictures of delicious, healthy, wholesome foods? One of my best friends, Sojeong, is a personal trainer, and posts tons of photos of healthy foods on her Instagram account. Follow her now.

Also from Sojeong: Do you scrub your body down the Korean way? (Soj says it will change your life. She already had me order a pack of these, and gave strict instructions. I’ll report back on this after I’ve tried it out. Thanks Soj for the link, and for all my on-going skincare regimen advice.)


One of my best and oldest friends, Maiera moved to New Zealand a couple years ago. BUT, she documents her adventure-filled life through photos, and captures some beautiful stuff. Follow her Instagram here.

Also from Maiera: Ever wonder what’s on the opposite side of the world?


Cindy from the blog My Beautiful Flaws does honest reviews of products, including products that get a ton of hype on Instagram. For example — have you ever seen “Unicorn Essence” on Instagram? (Here: #unicornessence ← enjoy falling down this rabbit hole.) Well, Cindy shares an actual, honest review of the product. Sorry in advance for ruining all the pretty things for you.

NEW REVIEW JUST POSTED! LINK IN BIO! Before you rush out to grab that pink shimmery serum called Farsali Unicorn Essence, be sure you read my HONEST review! I’ve only had this product in my hands for a week, but that’s long enough to try it and share this valuable review. http://liketk.it/2r6MS http://liketk.it/2r6Ne #liketkit @liketoknow.it Screenshot or ‘like’ this pic to shop the product details from the new LIKEtoKNOW.it app, available now from the App Store! #LTKSaleAlert #LTKBeauty #beauty #skincare #farsaliunicornessence #farsaliunicorntears #skincareserum #skinprimer #primer #cosmetics #makeup #skincarejunkie #bblog #bblogger #beautyblog #beautyblogger #nonsponsored #overrated #overhyped #overhypedbeauty #farsalireview #unicornessencereview #thetruth #farsaliunicornessencereview

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Yesterday, I shared a post about a conversation I got to have with Natasha Sumant (for the ISAASE Be Inspired project), the artist behind Gundi Studios. Natasha’s account for Gundi Studios is described as “one girls attempt at exploring + celebrating outspoken South Asian women from the motherland, diaspora and beyond. Through multi media.”


Pavana Reddy, the poet and author behind @mazadohta is another talented woman I got to interview for the ISAASE Be Inspired project. She was absolutely lovely to chat with, and I’m excited to share our conversation with you guys. (The post will be available at the end of October!)

pg 25, rangoli

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And if we’re not already friends on Instagram, I’m at @punitarice — add me here.

P.S. – Do you scroll through social media before you sleep? (Also, if you want to share more instagram accounts to follow, tag me in them at @punitarice!)

(Featured image edited from an original photo taken by Maiera.)

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