The Adventures of Hunny and Sunny

The Adventures of Hunny & Sunny

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Hunny Goes to Swimming Class

Hunny Bunny is going to swimming class on Saturday! But he’s scared, because last time he went swimming, he got water in his eyes. But this week, Mama got him swimming goggles to protect his eyes! Will Hunny Bunny be brave and go to his swimming class?

Summary: Hunny, an anthropomorphic bunny rabbit, is scared to attend swimming class because he is worried water will get in his eyes. After receiving swimming goggles, and getting reassurance from his parents, Hunny prepares to attend swimming class again. He gets over his fear of getting water in his eyes and is proud of himself.

The perfect children’s book about learning to identify feelings of fear, and receiving reassurance and encouragement from loved ones.

Book #1 in The Adventures of Hunny & Sunny series.

About The Adventures of Hunny & Sunny books

The Adventures of Hunny & Sunny books by Punita Rice are about the adventures of Hunny Bunny and Sunny Bunny, a pair of anthropomorphic bunny brothers. The stories focus on positive themes that support socioemotional skill building, and are geared toward preschoolers and young elementary school aged children.

The books feature uncomplicated and goofy artwork, and emphasize themes such as: labeling feelings, communicating emotions, identifying and conquering fears, bravery, positive reinforcement, healthy parent-child interactions, and positive sibling relationships.

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