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Frequently Asked Questions for Punita Rice

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I get the desire to label people, so I’ll give the short answer first, and say I’m a “work at home mom.”

But the longer answer is that I’m a working mom — I run an outreach organization called ISAASE, I’m an advisor for the Johns Hopkins University School of Education Doctor of Education program, and I’m writing a book. But during the day, I am also the primary child caregiver / full-time parent (do most of my working during non-traditional hours — like when everyone is asleep!). Therefore I am also a stay at home mom. Further, I feel passionately about not shaming stay at home moms, if that’s what they choose. Therefore, I’m happy to identify as and proudly be called a stay at home mom as well.

My doctorate is from Johns Hopkins University School of Education, through the Doctor of Education (Ed.D) program. You can learn more about my education and background at the about page.

My book is about South Asian American experiences in schools. It is forthcoming from Lexington Books / Rowman & Littlefield. You can read more about the book on my writing page.

Feel free to check back on this page for updates. If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my newsletter. Thanks for visiting my site (and thanks for looking over my FAQs)!

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