Improving South Asian American Students’ Experiences (ISAASE)

by Punita Rice Career, Culture

ISAASE - Improving South Asian American Students' Experiences

Sharing some exciting news. For the past three years, I’ve been working on getting ISAASE, an outreach organization dedicated to improving South Asian American students’ experiences, off the ground. This past month, we finally launched. ISAASE is an outreach organization I started in order to address some of the issues uncovered through my research. The official aim of ISAASE is… To … Read More

The Journey to Ed.D

by Punita Rice Career

Posts about Pursuing a Doctor of Education degree

Here, I’m sharing links to posts for anyone pursuing their Doctorate in Education, and/or an online doctorate in education. If you’re contemplating an EdD, hopefully this post will be helpful to you. You can also search or explore this blog and find posts related to working on a Doctorate in Education. I’ll share a similar post in the future as I … Read More

Surviving and Succeeding in an Online Doctorate Program

by Punita Rice Career

How to Succeed in an Online Doctoral Program

Surviving and succeeding in an online doctorate program can sometimes feel impossible! As the 2015-2016 academic year draws nearer, a new student in our program reached out to current and former students to ask for advice. Here, some colleagues from my own program share their best tips on note-taking, and long-term organization strategies for surviving and succeeding in an online doctorate … Read More