Brass Earrings

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Beautiful Brass Earrings

Do you love brass earrings? I’ve been obsessed with big brass earrings lately. For years I wore a lot of silver or white gold. (Side note, the silver hoop earrings I wore in high school were ridiiiiiiculously big). But I’ve been obsessed with gold-toned jewelry lately.

I’m especially loving matte or brushed brass earrings. And shiny gold earrings. And bright Indian yellow gold earrings. And muted, matte gold earrings while we’re at it. (I love gooooold)

Here are six pairs I like: curved, simple hoops, designer pacman-shaped, double-moons, fancy loops, and studs.

P.S. – Do you love aviator (prescription) glasses? Also, here’s an article about jewelry trends for the year (shiny gold earrings are on the list), and here’s another (from Harper’s Bazaar) on the same thing.

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