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Dr. Punita Chhabra Rice is an education researcher and writer focusing on the education-related experiences of South Asian American populations, and the founder and director of the outreach organization ISAASE. She writes about her research on South Asian Americans’ education experiences for a variety of outlets, and presents for various education organizations. She is also writing a book on South Asian American stories and experiences in post-multicultural America, which has its roots in her research.

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Punita is the founder and director of the outreach organization ISAASE (an acronym that stands for the organization’s mission: “Improving South Asian American Students’ Experiences”). ISAASE serves as a vehicle for bringing attention to the often negative experiences of South Asian American students, and aims to improve these students’ overall experiences through advocacy, outreach, and through the dissemination of resources. (You can read more about Punita’s outreach work here). ISAASE works towards its mission by sharing data on South Asian American students’ experiences, developing resources and professional development tools for educators, and through its three primary initiatives: the Teacher Cultural Proficiency Initiative (TCPI), the Family Outreach Initiative (FOI), and the Diversity & Representation Initiative (DRI). You can learn more about these projects here.

An educator with years of formal and informal teaching and research experience (inside and outside the classroom), Punita has taught Social Studies and English classes in Montgomery County Public Schools, has supported doctoral level courses in the Johns Hopkins University School of Education’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Program, has served as a visiting scholar at the University of Virginia’s Department of Philosophy (through grant funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities), and has served as a research assistant at Loyola University Maryland’s Department of Literacy. Prior to entering the education world, Punita also spent three years coaching dance. She has also worked in sales, web development, and digital marketing.


Punita earned her Doctorate in Education from Johns Hopkins University School of Education, where her research focused on South Asian Americans’ perceptions of their academic experiences and socioemotional experiences in K-12 settings, especially in context of teachers’ cultural proficiency and the model minority myth. Prior to earning her doctorate, Punita earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Maryland where she also studied journalism and media. She earned her Masters in Teaching from Loyola University Maryland. Punita was born in New Delhi, India, and grew up in Maryland. She now lives near Baltimore with her husband, son, and their Nespresso machine. She eats a lot of crushed red pepper.

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