5 Things for Your Weekend

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5 Things for Your Weekend

Happy Friday! Here’s a quick link roundup of 5 things for your weekend, including links related to Konmari Regret, the new Enderverse book from Orson Scott Card, the Shit Academics Say twitter account, an intense story on Toni Morrison, and the best music of 2017…

(1) Konmari! A while ago, I wrote a post about How to “Konmari Your Writing” and I recently got to thinking about Konmari Regret — you know, regret that in your exuberance to get rid of anything that doesn’t Spark Joy, you may have gotten rid of too much. On the other hand, here’s a post about how insignificant Konmari regret is. (And here’s why one person refuses to Konmari her life.)

(2) Are/were you an Enderverse fan? I’m currently reading Children of the Fleet. Overall, I’m enjoying it, but I have mixed feelings. So far, my main issue is this (as copy-pasted from a complaint message to Anuja):

I feel like there are a few little steps that Orson Scott Card skipped, because he knows that we [the readers] are familiar with the universe these stories take place in. Like the main character in Children of the Fleet is yet another super-genius kid, only this time, OSC didn’t bother to explain how/why this kid knows so much about military strategy. Sure, Enderverse fans can fill in the blank sand assume oh, he must be well-read on military strategy, and all these kids are so precocious, but IDK, you can’t just skip key stuff in your writing.

We’ll see how I feel when I’m more than just a few chapters in. 🙂 In case you’re interested, here’s the link to the GoodReads page (lots of reviews there, but also lots of spoilers).

(3) If you’re in academia, and you’re not already following the Shit Academics Say (@AcademicsSay) account on twitter, fix it nao. Here are some gems…

Also, if you’re so inclined, here’s the story behind that twitter account.

(4) Here’s Nell Irvin Painter on Toni Morrison’s “radical vision of otherness,” and the story of racism and exclusion in the history of whiteness in the U.S., for New Republic.

(5) Here’s Vulture’s list of the best songs of 2017 (so far). By the way – how do you listen to music? (We have Amazon Prime, so I sometimes use the Prime Music app to stream music, and frequently do from my Amazon Echo — here’s a link to try Amazon Music Unlimited (30-Day Free Trial) in case you’re interested).

Have you ever done the Marie Kondo method? Do you have regrets?

Have a good weekend!

P.S. – More links for your weekend, pretty sweaters for fall, and